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IQ and Achievement Testing

If your child appears to be struggling in some areas and excelling in others, or if you feel their classroom performance is not on par with their intelligence, a comprehensive battery of tests may be administered to identify areas of strength & weakness and assist in formulating a plan to help your child reach their full potential. This type of testing explores discrepancies in scores on different types of measures.

Assessment includes a review of academic records, a clinical interview with the child, parents, and teachers (if deemed appropriate), full administration of a standardized intelligence test, plus administration of a standardized achievement measure. Additional assessments may be included based on clinical presentation and obtained information.

Testing may be conducted over one or more sessions, based on complexity, length of measures used, and your child’s ability to maintain engagement with the testing procedures. After testing is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report indicating any significant findings, highlighting your child’s strengths, and identifying areas that need more support. A report is provided during the feedback session which is scheduled approximately one week after test completion.