First Session

Deciding to begin your therapy journey

The first steps to beginning therapy are often the hardest to take. It is common for people to question if therapy can actually help them, and what to look for when deciding on a therapist.The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Therapy allows a space for you to explore (and often times normalize) worries that you have, I offer free initial phone consultations to new patients to answer any questions you may have about the course of therapy, and determine if my approach and expertise is a good fit for your current needs.

Your first appointment

Your first session will be different than most. When scheduling your first session, it is best if you find a time that allows for a short space before and after the appointment, so that you are able to fully focus on you during this time, and won’t be distracted by life’s demands. During this session, I’ll be asking a lot of questions and trying to gather as much information about your background, current struggles, and what you hope to gain out of treatment. In follow up sessions, we will take time to thoroughly discuss your areas of concern, so consider this initial session as intended to provide an outline that will provide helpful and relevent information for treatment planning.

How to prepare/What to bring

Allow yourself a few moments to reflect before and after session. It may be helpful to write down key words, goals, or questions that you have, to make sure we don’t forget anything. Additionally, there will be new patient paperwork that you will need to fill out prior to us meeting. These documents can be found in the Resources section of my website (or by clicking the link below). Many people find to helpful to save time and complete the paperwork prior to coming in for session. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, please do not email the completed forms to me. If you are not able to review them beforehand, please allow for 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to complete. We will go over the consent forms and treatment expectations together at the beginning of your first session, and this will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have regarding treatment.

It is also helpful to bring with you phone numbers, email addresses, or contact information for anyone involved in your care or your life that I may need to speak to. Your participation in therapy is held confidential and i can only acknowledge working with you, and obtain or provide information to someone you authorize me to speak to. A “Release of Information” will need to be filled out for each person that you would like me to be able to have contact with. You can modify the authorization at any time, and can also add authorized contacts as therapy progresses.

Getting here

My office is located just north of downtown Fort Lauderdale, in Wilton Manors. Look for a sign that says “Wilton Plaza”. My office is on the ground floor, suite 70. There is plenty of free parking out front. For your convenience, you can click the “get directions” button on the map below.

New Client Paperwork

2601 E Oakland Park Blvd Ste 502
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
(954) 693-6446

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