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Dr. Toni Falcone is a licensed psychologist located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, providing therapy and treatment for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship conflict, and trauma resolution.

You’re always just one decision away from changing your life. Why not start now?

Relationships are essential building blocks of life.

Oftentimes, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, fear of rejection, or other insecurities prevent us from feeling confident in building and maintaining healthy, satisfying relationships.

Our external world is a mirror of our internal world.

These feelings and fears show up in our relationships, sometimes without us even noticing.

Patterns like people-pleasing, putting everyone else’s needs before your own, avoiding conflict at any cost, assuming the worst, and being excessively cautious in getting close to others can feel protective; however, these patterns reflect our own internal struggles and prevent us from experiencing the connections we desire.

Building better relationships starts with you.

We seek out situations that reflect how we feel and what we believe about ourselves. Even when it’s not what we “want” in our life.

So think about it…

When was the last time you considered your relationship with yourself?

If you’re like many of the clients I work with, thinking about how you treat yourself is the last thing on your mind. There is always something more important to put your energy towards. You might not even realize that you’re neglecting your own needs while taking care of everything around you.

What are the things you say to or about yourself?

I bet you wouldn’t hold anyone else to the standards you set for yourself. When was the last time you acknowledged your successes? Or praise yourself for a job well done? Rather than celebrating your accomplishments, you’re already looking towards the next goal to achieve.

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what motivates you and why? Do you prioritize your values, desires, needs, and interests?

You’re so used to putting yourself on the back-burner, focusing on a task that needs to be done or helping someone else. There was a time where you knew why you started on the path you’re on, but now you’re not so sure. You’re just doing what you’re supposed to do, hoping that eventually everything will fall into place.

Maybe a better question is, when did you lose touch with yourself?

The world around you is moving so fast, it can be hard to find time to prioritize this type of reflection. So you keep moving and keep doing, you keep achieving and work even harder to do better. To be better. To feel better. Along the way your relationship with yourself becomes distant. You might not have even noticed that happening until trying to answer those questions.

If you’re like many of my clients, taking time for yourself is way at the bottom of your to-do list. You know it is important, and you really want to prioritize yourself… eventually. You place unrealistic expectations on yourself in so many areas, and still, you wonder why you feel tired and defeated at the end of the day.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Learn more about how therapy can help you overcome fear and anxiety, allowing you to heal your relationship with yourself, build better relationships with others, and create a solid foundation to face all of life’s obstacles. Call or Email Dr. Toni Falcone to schedule a complimentary consultation.

“Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of everything.”
– Susannah Conway

Before coming to therapy, my clients often report feeling anxious, depressed, alone, and overwhelmed. They may have considered reaching out multiple times before actually making the first phone call (that’s often the hardest part). My clients come to therapy because their emotions feel out of control. Their life feels out of control. They have attempted to hold on to control in any way possible, often losing the battle, feeling defeated, and creating more chaos in the process.

I help my clients regain control of their emotions in a healthy way, empowering them to leave behind the patterns of toxic relationships and self-destructive coping they previously relied on. With a solid foundation and an array of skills to tackle life’s toughest challenges, my clients are able to cultivate meaningful relationships that lead to a satisfying life.

If you stay stuck with your own thoughts long enough, you start to believe that everything you think is true. Luckily, that’s not the case. I’ll be by your side as you challenge the limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that have held you back for so long.

When you are ready to take action, I’m here to help.