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Couples Therapy

Depending on your treatment goals, couples therapy can be helpful in a variety of ways.

I offer couples therapy in the following formats:

  • As an adjunct to individual treatment with a goal of strengthening the support system
  • For couples beginning a new phase in their relationship, ex. approaching marriage, with a goal of improving communication around difficult topics; negotiating boundaries and expectations of each partner; and building conflict resolution skills before major conflict arises.
  • For couples in conflict – to repair damage within the relationship, rebuild trust, and restore enjoyment in the relationship.
  • For couples where one or both parties are questioning their commitment to the relationship – to eliminate the toxic limbo or uncertainty about the future of the relationship and provide resources, referrals, and support as the couple determines whether they will repair and rebuild the relationship or begin building their lives apart.

The focus of couples therapy is truly unique to each partnership and so the recommended frequency, duration, and session length can vary. Most often, couples sessions are scheduled as 90-minute sessions and I find the extended session time greatly benefits progress towards therapy goals.

Has Coronavirus and social distancing led to conflict in your relationship?

You’re not alone.

During times of stress, emotions are heightened and it is common for couples to notice increased bickering, arguing, or disagreement. The best thing to do is allow space for tensions to cool and external conflict to resolve, so that the relationship isn’t harmed as a result of other stressors.

But how do we do that when we are stuck inside together?

Practicing social distancing and other efforts to contain the spread of illness can create a whole world of new stressors.

Couples have been working from home, eating at home, relaxing at home, and told to stay home as much as possible. We are also told to limit social gatherings and most activities have been put on hold or shut down. Even in the best relationship, that’s a lot of time together!

For couples that have been on the rocks or struggling to communicate with one another, this increase in time together can be problematic.

Learn how to better communicate, create space within restricted environments, and set goals for the future of your relationship. Couples therapy can help you and your partner thoughtfully decide on the future of the relationship, rather than letting tensions build and erupt into an explosion of destructive statements made out of anger, frustration, and fear.

Online Therapy For Couples

I’m excited to announce I will now be offering couples therapy both in-office and virtually.

Have you been putting off starting couples therapy because you can’t seem to find time for both of you to come to the office?

Accommodating multiple schedules can be a challenge, and often is a barrier to couples getting the help they need to save the relationship before it falls apart.

Telehealth is a convenient and easy to use way for you and your partner to participate in therapy together, even if you are in different locations.

For more information on how online therapy for couples can help your relationship, contact me today.