Couples Therapy

Depending on your treatment goals, couples therapy can be helpful in a variety of ways. I offer couples therapy in the following formats:

-as an adjunct to individual treatment with a goal of strengthening the support system

-for couples beginning a new phase in their relationship, ex. approaching marriage, with a goal of improving communication around difficult topics; negotiating boundaries and expectations of each partner; and building conflict resolution skills before major conflict arises.

-for couples in conflict- to repair damage within the relationship, rebuild trust, and restore enjoyment in the relationship.

-for couples where one or both parties are questioning their commitment to the relationship- to eliminate the toxic limbo or uncertainty about the future of the relationship and provide resources, referrals, and support as the couple determines whether they will repair and rebuild the relationship or begin building their lives apart.

The focus of couples therapy is truly unique to each partnership and so the recommended frequency, duration, and session length can vary. Most often, couples sessions are scheduled as 90 minute sessions and I find the extended session time greatly benefits progress towards therapy goals.

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