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Welcome! I’m a licensed psychologist located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I work with adolescents and adults and offer both in person and online individual, couples, and family therapy sessions. My areas of expertise include treating eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. I work with clients to identify and eliminate unhealthy patterns in thoughts, actions, and relating to others. Through this work I empower my clients to build the life they want to live, eliminate unnecessary suffering, and deepen the important relationships in their lives. To learn more about my approach to treatment, click here.

A New York native, I grew up in Brooklyn and completed my undergraduate training in NYC. Though I have called south Florida home for over a decade, I still maintain the goal oriented, direct, and solution focused approach that I developed growing up in the fast pace of New York. Following college, I relocated to Florida and earned my Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. My clinical training included working in residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient mental health programs where I learned to treat issues related to addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, trauma, depression, and unhealthy coping in a range of settings.

After graduate school, I followed my passion and continued working at The Renfrew Center as a Primary Therapist. My journey led me to later working at Oliver Pyatt Centers as a Primary Therapist where I further strengthened my passion for working with clients and their families battling eating disorders as well as mood, personality, and trauma response disorders which commonly occurred alongside the primary diagnosis of an eating disorder. Working in top Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient Programs, I was able to provide individualized and intensive services to my clients and their families. I continue to embrace the approach I developed working at higher levels of care in my current treatment offerings on an outpatient basis.

In my work as a psychologist, I most enjoy empowering my clients to change their lives and overcome the obstacles that have been holding them back.  Whether it is a short term stressor, or a lifelong battle, I work with each of my clients to identify whatever barriers are standing in the way of reaching their goals, and together we create an action plan that leads to the life they want to be living. It is incredibly rewarding for me to be a part of each of my client’s journeys towards health, happiness, and unlocking their full potential.

I am curious by nature, I ask a lot of questions, enjoy exploration, and love learning. These traits are apparent in my therapy approach. In session, I want to get to know the real you, see things from your perspective, and in the process, help you learn about yourself on a deeper level.

In my own life, I love music, reading, travel, and new experiences.

My office is located at The Psychology Group where I’m part of a team of the best psychologists and therapists in Fort Lauderdale. I also work closely with local nutritionists, psychiatrists, and primary care physicians to ensure all of your physical, emotional, and mental health needs are being met.

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