Therapy Services

Offering an individualized treatment approach to overcome life's obstacles

Anxiety, Depression and Mood 

Phobias, Fears, OCD, and  DisordersAvoidance Behaviors,

Eating, Substance, and Addictive Disorders

PTSD and Trauma Related Stressors

Relationship Conflict/Dysfunction 

Family Conflict

Gender Dysphoria 

Identity Issues

Stage of Life, Life Changes, and 

Transition into Adulthood

Step Down from Residential/Partial Hospitalization Programs


Initial Evaluation/Intake- 60 Minutes

Individual Therapy- 45 minutes

Couples Therapy/Family Therapy- 60 minutes

Sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly basis, but frequecy can vary based on your needs and therapy goals.

Consisteny in attending scheduled sessions is key to achieving your goals.